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Mergers & Acquisitions

Platinum Business Growth focuses mainly on midmarket mergers, acquisitions, and disposals, designing and executing transactions over £1m of enterprise value.

As an independent boutique advisory firm, we are able to provide wholly objective and pragmatic advice on strategic options for clients ranging from corporates to professional investors to family businesses.


Every project team is composed of professionals with experience in the relevant industry, as well as professionals with honed project management and analytical skills. Unlike other firms, we involve Directors at every step of the process for every assignment we take on.

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M&A Strategy

M&A Strategy involves working with the client to ascertain how acquisitions will play a part in their overall strategy. Are they looking to grow products or markets and to what extent?

We listen to our clients, understand their aspirations then draw on our experience of businesses, both large and small coupled with in depth technical analysis to design an M&A strategy which will help them achieve their overall strategy.

Deal Origination

M&A Sourcing involves creating deal flow for the client. This involves obtaining interested vendors from 3 angles 1) finding off-market opportunities through sourcing 2) finding on market opportunities through the broker networks and 3) finding both off-market and on-market opportunities through other networks. A target list is then drawn up.

We draw on our internal capabilities, external capabilities and our people based approach to get the best deals to the table for our clients

Deal Structuring & Valuations

M&A Structuring & Valuation involves informing our clients on the potential profitability, valuation and post integration benefits of the acquisition.

We use our expertise in assessing external markets, internal capabilities and future capabilities to value the acquisition, deal structure and potential future benefits for our clients

Due Diligence

Due Diligence includes an in depth review of the target business culminating in market analysis, existing business performance and further analysis of risks to a potential buyer.

Post Acquisition Integration

M&A Post Integration involves a review of both businesses (both acquired and existing business) & creating a plan to put these businesses together and furthermore, executing these plans.

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