About Platinum Business Growth

At Platinum Business Growth we believe that regardless of starting point, people and organisations can achieve whatever they want to by thinking big and growing through the successful implementation of change.

We see ourselves as catalysts of change and we only involve ourselves in projects where we believe we can add value in a way that enables positive change. We are an organisation of changemakers and we recognise that in order for us to be changemakers, we also need to be people people and as such, we will dedicate our resources to create an organisation that are, by default, changemakers regardless of core skills that resource brings to the organisation.

We help Companies raise and deploy capital in a way which adds value to shareholders, employees, and wider communities by raising funds and undertaking M&A activities. We do not see ourselves as specialist professionals. We see ourselves as people who promote growth through change and we put in place, the capabilities required (whether internal or external) to ensure that change happens.

How we do business

Outcome Focused

At Platinum Business Growth, we recognise there are always many avenues to achieve the bigger
dream and we don’t give up trying to achieve that for ourselves and our clients. We from an
outcome focussed basis business model.

People Focused

Platinum Business Growth is a people focused industry. We recognise that our business is
primarily about people. Regardless of the industry we are performing projects in, we understand it
is a transaction between two people and approach it in that manner.

Capabilities Focused

Platinum Business Growth ensures we stay current in the world and constantly strive to build new
capabilities either internally or through strategic partnerships. We don’t care where the capability
lies, only that we can use that capability to deliver the outcome for our clients.


We always conduct our business in an honest, open and transparent manner. Honesty is the
primary foundation on which any business can stand and be truly successful. Without a basis of
honesty and trustworthiness, a business cannot grow.